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The Environmentally Safe Way To Dispose Fallen Animals

LACKY can help remove the stress of losing livestock by efficiently and safely servicing all your dead animal removal needs.


Large animal mortality can be a huge burden on livestock owners.  Without proper means of disposal, the animal carcass not only becomes a visible nuisance, it also creates undesirable effects on our environment.  Ground water contamination and the spread of pathogens are among these environmental threats.  Other undesirable situations include terrible odors, invasion of scavengers such as coyotes, crows, and disease transmitting insects.


LACKY is a state approved and inspected facility that provides you with a   bio secure, environmentally sound, and cost effective means of disposal for your dead animals.  Our services include coming to your farm, removing the animal and properly disposing of the carcass through the most environmentally friendly means of disposal - Composting.  LACKY takes pride in preserving our land for future generations.   At our composting facility we properly dispose of the carcass and prevent spreading of diseases, eliminating neighborhood and astatic issues such as odors and visible carcasses, protect our water quality and other environmental disturbances that could arise from improper animal disposal.


Bart: 859-583-7761

Business Hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm When you call LACKY, you will speak directly with a service provider that will answer all your questions.


We take pride in our business and serving you!  We will return your phone call the following business day and provide you with the service that you have came to expect!

We provide on site removal of your fallen animals, which include bulls and cows, feeders, sheep, goats, swine, and horses.  We will also put your animal down before removal if needed.  Refer to our price list for more information.

You may also call and schedule a drop off time at our facility location during normal business hours.

  • Call within 24 hours of the animals death

  • Be prepared to give the following information:

    • farm address and directions

    • contact phone number

    • information about the animal, cause of death, etc

    • Approximate time of death

We are located in Casey County, Kentucky

Find us on Google maps:

235 Griffith Ridge Rd. Liberty KY 42539

Payments may be mailed to:

7761 HWY 49, Liberty, KY 42539

Thanks! Message sent.

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