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About Us

Now owned by Bart Woodrum, LACKY was founded in 2005, by co-owners Brent Woodrum and son, Bart Woodrum; LACKY was established to provide a more cost efficient, environmentally sound way for farmers to dispose of their fallen animals. Having a large cow and calf operation of their own, they understood the struggle farmers faced when livestock died.

Most farmers small and large alike are left with few options when it comes to dead animal removal.  Burying animals is an option that only works for those farmers who own a backhoe or bulldozer.  But with the cost of machine maintenance, wet weather conditions, and sod destruction, this is a method that most see as a costly means of disposal.  Pushing animals off the back of the farms is not a safe way of disposal either as it can lead to disease, air and water quality issues, and endangering the rest of the herd by drawing coyotes and other scavengers to the land.

After a few years of experimentation and research, Brent and Bart discovered that the most environmentally friendly way of removing dead animals was through composting.  A fully functioning large animal composting facility was what this community needed; and Brent and Bart turned their dream into a reality in 2005, when they established LACKY.

Serving Casey, Adair, and Russell Counties, LACKY offers the most naturally occurring process of converting animal remains into organic matter and nutrients, which in turn can be used to fertilize fields and amid soil.

It is important that we preserve our land for our future generations; that is why we offer this cost efficient means of dead animal removal. LACKY is a family business that we are proud of. We take pride in our community, our neighbors, and our farms. We know you want to leave the best to your future generations and that is why we offer our services at the most cost efficient means we possibly can. Call us or stop on in, you are always welcome!

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